Financial Planning for Business Owners

We realize you have built a successful business and know how to make money. You know how to build wealth and what it takes to accomplish goals. You are already successful! Our goal is NOT to advise you on how to make more money and fund your lifestyle. Our experience has been that many investment advisors he had met over time did not have the foggiest idea of how to make money nor did they understand what successful business people were looking for when they sought out professional advice. Business owners have a unique set of challenges that deserve special attention and expertise.

Our position is to assist in showing you ways to KEEP your wealth. We have been able to share our expertise in providing business owners with financial, tax, succession and estate planning holistic solutions. Our goal is to assess your big picture needs and partner with you to construct a customized plan specific to your unique situation and goals. These goals might involve strategies on wealth preservation, creditor protection, wealth accumulation and distribution to yourself, your family, estate and possibly charities. They most likely also will include avoiding unnecessary tax burdens.

Clearpoint Wealth Management is here to provide financial intelligence and peace of mind for business owners so that you can focus on building and managing your business while knowing that your long term future and retirement goals are protected and achieved; no matter what happens.