Joe Tablan

Founder,  Financial Security Advisor

Joe, the founder of Clearpoint Wealth Management, is a financial planning expert with extensive experience in the industry.He aims to provide objective and customized advice to empower individuals through transparent guidance tailored to their unique financial landscapes.

Joe’s approach is simple yet profound, navigating complexity to deliver clarity and actionable solutions that align with clients’ financial aspirations. Outside of his financial work, Joe finds balance in the Delta area with his sons Joshua and Lukas. He is an avid sports enthusiast, playing basketball, golfing, and hitting the gym.

Joe’s passion for people’s well-being is at the core of his pursuits, ensuring that everyone feels valued and has a clear plan for life’s stages. Clearpoint Wealth Management is not just about financial planning services; it’s about partnering for a brighter, more secure future.

Embrace the present, look forward to the future with hope and take comfort in the steps you are taking towards YOUR retirement

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