Clearpoint Wealth Management is a boutique financial planning firm that works with professionals, business owners and families, by providing them with strategies and solutions to grow, maximize, and protect their wealth.

You work hard for your money. Therefore, you should know what you can do to make it work harder for you. We partner with our clients to ensure they are involved in the process to achieve a financial plan that is clear, concise, and easily understood. We ensure that our clients have the knowledge necessary to understand the solutions within their plan, the purpose behind it, and how it benefits their overall financial well being.

Our clients are confident in our process, our delivery, and our services because we give the best for them, and work with their best interest in mind. We look forward to hearing from you.

joe tablan

Joe Tablan

Principal Owner
Financial Security Advisor

Joe is devoted to working with professionals, business owners and families in providing them with efficient strategies and solutions that fit their financial needs. He partners with his clients to ensure they make their money work hard for them by growing, maximizing, and protecting their wealth. Joe helps them make sense of their financial plan to make sure his clients understand their options towards their financial well being.

Having worked in the hospitality industry for 13 years, Joe knows how to run a business. Through his tenure in management with some of the best hotels and restaurants in Vancouver, Joe takes pride in knowing how to provide excellent service to high end clients. He makes sure that his “guests” are satisfied with their experience. Joe has taken his extensive expertise in running multi-unit businesses and hospitality acumen to providing “above and beyond” service to his clients in the world of financial planning.

Joe lives in the Delta area with his 2 energetic boys, Joshua and Lukas. He is an evening warrior with obsessions of playing basketball and golf. He also enjoys working out and a great steakhouse! Joe possesses a passion for people’s well being and will ensure that everyone that he comes in contact with is content and has a plan in place for every stage of their lives.

Our Mission

To exceed our client’s expectations while educating them on their journey to financial success.